1840 Redware Pottery Storage Jar Circa

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A fine example of an antique redware piece, this storage jar dates from the mid-1800's. It was turned on a wheel and the potter's finger marks can be felt on the inside. The jar was coated with a transparent glaze to seal the surfaces inside and out, except for the rolled rim surrounding the mouth, which was left dry.

Redware in the 19th century was typically made by men who were farmers foremost and potters second. Thus, while the form of this piece is very nicely done and includes an incised groove at the base of the neck, the glaze is uneven, darker in some spots than others, bumpy and pitted. This can also be attributed to the rudimentary kilns in use at that time. Local demand for redware was heavy and the farmer had little time for decorating his wares or perfecting glazes.

This jar stands 8 inches tall, has a 3 inch mouth opening, a 5 inch diameter base and weighs 2 3/4 pounds. Given its daily heavy use for many years, it's in very good condition. There are chips along the bottom rim and a couple of stone pings, but no cracks or hairlines or other damage.

This handsome antique jar is an excellent addition to a redware collection and perfect for a touch of rusticity anywhere in your home.

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