Art Pottery Colorful Portuguese WaLL Plate



This fascinating Portuguese hand made wall plate draws the eye with its tactile surfaces, bold colors and modern designs. The background on the front is in shades of mustard yellow and green, with painted color blocks of red, green and brown. There are lines, squiggles and spirals in brown and the entire surface was decoupaged with sheer paper (probably tissue paper) that created a unique "wrinkled" surface. The finishing touch is a section of woven strips of cane in brown, creating a three dimensional look that really is 3-D. The edge of the rim is painted brown and the plate is signed "FF 01" on the lower right.

The back of the plate is mottled and sponged in brown, green and yellow, with a glossy, textured surface. The hanger is one of the best we've seen--a metal triangle embedded firmly in a brown lump of clay. There is a paper label with the name of the artist--Franca Filho--and the word arte {which translates to art from Portuguese} along with some other information that is not useful (the website is not valid).

The dished wall plate measures 10 inches in diameter, weighs 1 pound 6 ounces and is in excellent condition. A modern ceramic work of art, it's a statement piece wherever it's hung or propped.

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PYH 4541

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