French Faience Pottery Trio of Plates


 These three handsome French faience plates are from La Poterie Provençale in the village of Biot. Each plate was slip decorated by hand with a raised, stylized flower design in the center of the well and a ring of dots around the rim. Two of them are a gorgeous deep orangey ochre in color, one trimmed in dark green, the other in dark brown. The third plate is done in several shades of olive green, also trimmed in brown.

The heavy pale clay that was used to hand throw the plates is revealed on the dry bottom. The Biot symbol, impressed in the clay, consists of the four letters BIOT enclosed by two figure 8's. This represents the 16 Italian families from Genoa, Italy, who arrived in 1470 to restore the pottery tradition to the then war-torn village. The words "Made in France" are stamped under the Biot mark.

Each plate measures 10 inches in diameter, stands 1 1/4 inches high and weighs approximately 1 pound, 9 ounces. Dating from the 1960's, they are all in excellent condition---no chips, cracks or other damage and/or wear.

*Set Includes Three Plates


PYH 5437

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