Intricately Carved Bowl by Florida Old River Run Pottery


Carved Bowl by Florida Old River Run Pottery

This intricately carved bowl was wheel thrown by studio potter Dawn Zaharis Prietz (1953-) in Marianna, Florida. Dawn designs unique style using stoneware clay, some of it dug locally in Jackson County. Her pottery was the subject of a feature in Wiregrass Living Magazine. We've included an April, 2022 photo of her at an Art Show in Troy, Alabama, where she won the Best of Show Award and an invitation to do a one-person art show at the Johnson Center for the Arts in Troy. She is currently the owner/potter of Old River Run Pottery in Marianna.

The bowl, both decorative and functional (it's oven-safe and food-safe) has large swirls of speckled green glaze against a striated ground of golden yellow on the interior. The flat rim is decorated with raised tan V's, some splashed with the same green, some with cream. The outside features a band of large leaves, carved in relief and glazed in shades of green, set against a textured adobe color that has simulated cracks and crevices that lend an ancient, worn appearance.

Weighing 3 3/4 pounds, the bowl measures 10 inches across and 4 inches high and is in superb condition, with no damage or wear. The bottom of the bowl is signed "Zaharis," hand printed in black. Like all her pottery, this piece is one of a kind, highly individual and absolutely beautiful.

>>>Dawn's Old River Run Pottery is represented by Fusion Gallery in Seaside, Florida. They have an online store if you want to browse other works of hers. The website is called FusionArtGlass.


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