Studio Art Pottery Vase Drip Glazed


 An innovative form, a dripped polychrome matte glaze and impressive size make this studio stoneware piece a standout. The pale, oatmeal-colored clay was twisted in waves on the 12 inch tall body; the folds of clay are visible on the interior. It terminates in a flared, lumpy cap with a 2 1/3 inch lipless mouth. The base, which measures 7 inches in diameter, is finished with a slightly flared groove. The underlying glaze color is composed of varying shades of peach, rust and cream that are overlaid with drips of cocoa and periwinkle. This artwork weighs a robust 8 pounds.

The bottom of this sculptural vase is dry, revealing the color of the clay. It's hand signed in black "Tin Hill " and "2K1 {2001}". (It's not from Krista Hill at Tin Hill Pottery--we wrote to her to ask). It's in excellent condition, with no post-creation damage or visible wear. There are 8 foam circles on the bottom to protect the surface this handsome sculpture is placed upon.

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PYH 4802