Gorgeous Gibson Girl in Crisscross Frame by Fidler


 This gorgeous lithograph is of a drawing by famed artist Alice Luella Fidler, done  in 1906. Alice, born in 1883, was one of three sisters who created illustrations of beautiful girls and women and the occasional dapper Edwardian gentleman. Most of their drawings were published as postcards, while their larger works were lithographed, as this one was, and then some of the details were hand painted. This lovely Gibson Girl is dressed in a white shirtwaist with a blue bow and a white hat with a blue ribbon topping her curls. The hat, hatband and neck bow were hand painted onto the lithograph; Alice's signature and the date are in the plate and not hand signed on the piece. We have searched antique postcards online, but have not found this image, so it may be unpublished.

In addition to the beauty of Alice's drawing is the outstanding grooved walnut frame with crisscross corners adorned with white porcelain buttons encircled with beaded brass. There is a gilded liner, with a wooden mat surrounding the lithograph that is decorated with tiny dots and squares stamped into the surface. To completely "gild the lily," each corner of the mat is surmounted with a carved wood decoration that resembles the three feathers heraldic badge of the Prince of Wales. It's backed with a wood panel and a hanging wire is installed. Everything is original and in excellent condition, with only a few nicks in the gilt liner.

Given the fact that there is no glass, it is impressive that the colors of the lithograph and the hand painting are still vivid after 115 years and there are no dirt marks, water stains or tears. The only flaw we could find is a very slight ridge in the center of the picture, which is not noticeable (we needed a magnifying glass) and that we were unable to photograph.

The actual size of the oval lithograph is 9 inches tall and 7 inches across the center at the widest point. The frame, measured to the ends of the cross pieces, is 17 inches wide and 19 inches tall. It's a wonderful piece of art, so perfect for the Victorian home, the Edwardian drawing room and m'lady's boudoir.

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